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I first sold this book when I opened my school in Los Angeles, and I got a LOT of angry people in the martial arts community telling me that I was "giving away too much" or "making it seem too easy" or that I was "selling out" by offering all of this in one easy package. I didn't want to make waves, so I stopped selling it shortly after it got sold.

You know what? I'd like to give away every bit of information that I can. It's not "too easy" to truly master the sword, but it's a lot easier to get VERY GOOD at it than most instructors want to admit. It's all about efficiency, and dedication to the improvement of your students. Some instructors want to teach slowly, and that's fine - if the students want to learn slowly. I don't think it's necessary, so I don't do it that way.

In this current edition, I have had the opportunity to go back after seven years and make some additional notes. Certainly, even though the ideal use of the sword has not changed in those years, my understanding and ability to teach has changed a great deal.

Hopefully, my skills have improved: as a practicitioner, with the sword in my own hands ... and also as a teacher, with the sword in the hands of my students.

Peter Steeves on G4 side of beef

Cutting through a frozen side of beef on G4 Television
This particular appearance got me in some hot water with martial arts instructors around the globe.

My name is Peter Steeves and I'm the owner of I’ve taken all of the hardest, least interesting (but most common) information and fluff advice, and put it all aside. Yes, I’ve been to Japan, mastered the language, met masters from various martial traditions, and after a ridiculous amount of time spent on details that don’t matter to most people, I’ve been awarded some high ranks, and even licenses to teach - all to get good enough with the Samurai Sword.

I'm also the author of the newest security and bounty-hunter training program called: The Hired Guard: Why So Many Security Professionals Shoot Themselves in the Foot and How to Rise to the Top of the Field.

Working in the protection and security industry, I'm in the streets every week with hands-on professionals like the Guardian Angels, bounty hunters, and gang-intervention teams in South Central. In all cases, because of my academic and practical knowledge I've been asked to offer training to the groups with whom I serve and work.

Peter Steeves on Attack of the Show

This is early in my television work ... and just before they threw a surprise at me.

I dedicate myself to constantly staying up-to-date on new and innovative training strategies in order to pass this valuable information on to you, my reader, and help improve the quality of your training.

You won't see me tell my readers to do some challenging training, while I go and sit around watching martial arts movies for "inspiration" like some other trainers unforunately do. Every day I am either on the streets in lousy neighborhoods, putting my butt on the line, or teaching groups or private students who will do the same things I do.

Martial arts is my passion, and I'd love to help make it your passion as well. Take a read through the Samurai Sword Secrets, and you won't be disappointed.

Thank you,

Peter Steeves

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