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You'll hear: "Impossible"

I Disagree - It IS Possible, with the right method

Would you like to use the Japanese Samurai Sword like a master, but don’t want to practice 12 hours a day for the next 50 years?

I’ve been teaching people just like you how to get the maximum results, right from day one, on their way to mastery of the samurai’s most prized possession, the Japanese katana . . . and now I am willing to share these exact same secrets with you, too.

My name is Peter Steeves, and I’ve taken all of the hardest, least interesting (but most common) information and fluff advice, and put it all aside. Yes, I’ve been to Japan, mastered the language, met masters from various martial traditions, and after a ridiculous amount of time spent on details that don’t matter to most people, I’ve been awarded some high ranks, and even licenses to teach - all to get good enough with the Samurai Sword.

The good news is that if you’re looking for awesome fighting ability with the samurai sword, then you have no need to do all of that yourself! I can give you what you need to start right now.

You won't have the same awesome stories, like the one about your time training solo at a shrine overlooking the ocean at sunrise (yes, that was my life there). However, it means you'll also get to miss out on the less awesome parts: like riding the train for four hours each way, sleeping on couches, spending your life savings, spending $50 on a taxi because you missed your stop at 1:00am and can barely tell the driver where to go ...

My book clearly shows every trick & technique that is being taught to only the most dedicated students in Japan to gain an “unfair” advantage over those who only get to watch movies as their preferred method of sword “training.”

  • You do NOT need to be an accomplished martial artist to get started!
  • It doesn’t matter about your age, your size, your level of experience, etc.
  • If you’re ready to start mastering the sword, then the information is ready and waiting.

sword training
Learn why some sword cuts are more important to practice than others. (on page 60)

Peter Steeves' sword fighting manual is a powerful tool that can benefit martial artists of any style, any level.

I myself am an experienced martial arts practitioner and have found the book provided me with easy to understand techniques and applications, which, with devoted practice boosted not only my sense of confidence in Japanese sword fighting, but also makes me feel like my skill level has gone up a few notches.

While there is no substitute to a live instructor, especially one like Peter Steeves himself, this manual is the next best thing one can have and use daily to improve one's training.

The book uses a no-nonsense, well illustrated, get-to-the-point approach, trimmed of anything unnecessary or mind blocking to one's practice of Japanese sword fighting. As a bonus, the author provides the reader/practitioner with useful tips on evaluating katanas, quotes from sword masters and much more.

Every serious martial artists should have a copy.

  Philippe Tomaszewski
Personal Trainer in Los Angeles
Martial Arts Practitioner for 25 years

What you MUST know to discuss Japanese swords with any shred of authority

What makes a sword "battle ready"?

sword grip
There's a little known secret being shown here that can change everything for you immediately.
I learned this in my third year of living in Japan. It's explained for you immedately: on page 42.


Mr. Steeves,

I would like to say that the book is excellent. It really contributes to the body of knowledge.

I have several books on sword, and your book is in my opinion far superior. The others are like looking through a window at sword training. That's fine, but you will never learn HOW. Your book is different. The pictures are excellent as well.

Jason Sagaci


samurai sword 78 pages of instructions, illustrations, and photographs
samurai sword Tips on what to buy and NOT buy so you won't waste time and money
samurai sword Insider info on Gripping, Drawing, Mental Preparedness
samurai sword Etiquette, Sword Care, Footwork Drills, Kata, Cutting Patterns
samurai sword Fast-track tricks from some of the best teachers in Japan

How Snow and Rain can teach you a secret of sword handling.
Note: Getting the answer to this one surprised a famous sword-master in Japan, and it's NOT what you already think it is.
This alone is worth more than the price of the book. Page 23.

Advice That Took Me Years to Learn

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Over the next few weeks, I would like to share with you a series of details that will set your skills on the fast-track for success. You'll discover hidden details like:

  • Instant fix grip secret - handle the sword like a pro in 60 seconds
  • Why most martial arts students use their legs & arms 100% backwards
  • The 2 most important things your insructor needs to say
  • 1 thing that makes you move faster immediately
  • Why most techniques are taught backwards by mistake

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